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About HK2050isNow

Hong Kong 2050 is Now is a Hong Kong-based platform for education, collaboration, and action on the climate crisis. We seek to inspire ambitious target setting, induce behaviour change, and mobilise collective action towards a carbon-neutral Hong Kong.

We believe tackling the climate crisis does not need to compromise quality of life. The decarbonisation of our city is not only technically feasible, but also offers “multiple wins,” including significant economic and environmental benefits. We believe a decarbonised city is people-centric, more liveable, healthier, and economically successful. That is what we envision for Hong Kong.

​To achieve these benefits and reach net-zero emissions at a reasonable cost, action must be taken as soon as possible.

Our Objectives

#Educate and #Engage the public on the risks and opportunities facing Hong Kong in an age of climate crisis, based on rigorous scientific and policy #Research.
#Encourage personal, corporate and government #Action to combat the climate crisis, including #Change in personal lifestyle, business best practices, and regulatory reforms.
#Aggregate the efforts of stakeholders working towards the vision of a Net-Zero carbon Hong Kong, #Leveraging existing grassroot and community movements to further #Catalyse their impact.

Our Programmes

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